Workshops for Corporate and Security Personnel

  • Those that work regularly with the public will gain the confidence to end potentially violent encounters safely and effectively.
  • Measured use of force techniques replace fear-based responses that risk your life and the lives of others.

A sample of what you'll learn & what our students have to say:

The Charles Nelson Self-Defense School can create custom workshops for a wide variety of corporate and security groups, including: social workers, teachers, office workers, realtors, law enforcement, military, pre-bootcamp military recruits and bouncers. First time self-defense students and elite combat soldiers alike have benefited from our program.

The Nelson System is unique in that it:

*Emphasizes training in realistic street and hand-to-hand combat scenarios, based on actual violent encounters recorded in the news. CNSDS is also adapted to any specific scenario our students wish to learn how to respond to based on their profession, such as Uber drivers learning how to defend themselves when being held at knifepoint in a vehicle.

*Trains students in measured use of force – you don’t always have to reach for a weapon when YOU are the weapon. This is particularly prudent for law enforcement.

Realtors with M3 Realty training in a customized workshop

Senior Instructor Robert Spiegel hosting a Special Forces and Homeland Security seminar

Self-defense training with realistic firearms and edged weapon exercises