Certified Instructors and Administrators

Meet our CNSDS Instructor team

Tier 3 Senior Instructor Robert P. Spiegel

Based in: Edison, New Jersey

CNSDS Senior Instructor Robert P. Spiegel has trained in Kung Fu and other fighting arts since 1972. Mr. Spiegel began studying with self-defense Master Charles Nelson at his school in New York City in 1987.

In 2003, Charles Nelson designated Mr. Spiegel exclusively to be his successor of the Nelson System in order to teach his self-defense concepts worldwide. Mr. Spiegel continues to evolve and teach CNSDS, conducting workshops on anti-terrorism techniques, military self-defense, street fighting and self-defense in a post-COVID world. Click here to read Robert Spiegel’s full bio.

Tier 2 Instructor Louis Panarella | Staten Island, NY

Louis Panarella first trained with Charles Nelson in 1983, after just having graduated the NYPD Police Academy. Mr. Panarella, now retired from the NYPD, has used the CNSDS techniques on several occasions to come to the aid of others in trouble as part of his work in law enforcement, as well as protect himself and loved ones during potentially hostile encounters while off-duty.

Tier 1 Instructor Raymond Pinner | Woodbridge, NJ

Raymond Pinner has done extensive cross-training at various MMA gyms. Mr. Pinner earned his second degree black belt in Isshin Ryu Karate under Gary Alexander. Through Mr. Alexander’s school he met Robert Spiegel who introduced him to CNSDS. Mr. Pinner has found that CNSDS has expertly enhanced and complemented what he previously trained in. Through his years with CNSDS, he has noticed his self-defense skills improve dramatically.

Tier 2 Instructor Richard Luntz |Clarksville, TN

Richard Luntz is a retired U.S. Marine, and has been studying the Nelson System since 1981. He believes the methods Charlie taught were excellent because they directly applied to real life situations. Mr. Luntz teaches private lessons at his own school, Executive Self Defense, in Clarksville, TN. From incorporating CNSDS techniques into lessons for his students, several of his students have escaped assaults and violent encounters.

Tier 1 Instructor Lee Morrison| Brackley, England

Lee Morrison first studied the Charles Nelson Self-Defense System in 2002, and was the first student Senior Instructor Robert Spiegel certified. He also was integral in working on the original draft of The Full Nelson manual – which may have never been completed without his dedication. Mr. Morrison teaches his own system of self-defense at his school, Urban Combatives, in the United Kingdom (www.urbancombatives.com)