Individual/Family Classes

    • The CNSDS program is not based on whose stature is the biggest or who is the most muscular. The easy-to-understand techniques built on understanding basic body mechanics means anyone ages 8-80 can learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones.
    • Many of our clients have sought out our realistic women’s self-defense programs, training for high school graduates before arriving on their own on a college campus, and group family trainings where valuable techniques can be learned and practiced together!


Those interested in booking individual and family classes are welcome to explore our website and library of videos to learn more about our program. Please contact Robert Spiegel, Senior Instructor at for questions or to inquire about purchasing classes.

The 10 Principles of the Charles Nelson Self-Defense System

    1. When confronting an enemy, an effective strategy is to yield or pretend to yield.
    2. Never put a hold on someone without striking first.
    3. When practical, never leave your enemy standing.
    4. Never turn your back on your enemy.
    5. A small force can usually deflect a greater force.
    1. Always strike your opponent in a vital area when attacked.
    2. Self-defense is not a sport; your life is a prize, not a tin cup.
    3. If confronted in the street, always assume the worst and act accordingly.
    4. Train in your street clothes as that is what you will be fighting in.
    5. Never go to the ground when fighting.