What should an effective self-defense system teach me?

“Self-defense” means protecting yourself from harm during a physical attack. You should come away from an effective self-defense course with the ability to react instinctively and quickly to direct physical attack.

What questions should I ask myself before enrolling in a self-defense system course?

What do I hope to gain from the course? What kinds of situations do you want to be able to respond to? Being able to threaten people with your skill is NOT the objective. – Am I capable of harming or possibly fatally injuring another person? It does no good to be trained in techniques if you are afraid to use them.

What should I look for in a self-defense system course?

A pre-course interview with the instructor to discuss why I want to study self-defense and any particular individual needs. – A system with a small number of easy-to-learn principles and techniques.

What should I look for in a self-defense instructor?

Credentials that include: Affiliations with respected self-defense instructors. Certification or accreditation with an authorized instructors or successor. Helpful, personal attention to the students (ask for an opportunity to watch a session).

What questions should I ask the instructor before enrolling in a self-defense course?

How does this course accommodate my personal situation (over 60, under 10, pregnant, physically out of shape or physically challenged, mentally challenged, etc.)?- References from people who have been through the course or are in it now.

Why should I choose the Charles Nelson system?

Charles Nelson has studied the typical fighting habits of the average street fighter and mugger throughout his lifetime, and has developed a system of techniques that address the ways you would be attacked by an assailant. His Self-Defense System is based on Mongolian Wrestling – there are no wasted movements, just real street techniques perfected by Charles Nelson. In 1997, after 50 years of teaching in New York City, Mr. Nelson retired and authorized 6th-Degree Black Belt and senior student Robert Spiegel to teach his system. Robert Spiegel personally conducts and supervises all training. The Charles Nelson Self-Defense System course will teach you a small number of easy-to-learn principles and techniques that can carry you through just about any violent conflict.