Distance Learning

To all those Interested in learning the Charles Nelson Self-Defense System:

I am proud to continue teaching this unique self-defense system and I know every man, woman and child especially law enforcement and the military would  greatly benefit from learning this effective self-defense system.  It uses a small number of techniques, principals and applications to easily deal with every possible situation in todays violent and dangerous streets. I am writing to follow up on the many requests for the Charles Nelson distance-learning Instructor program. The link below contains original materials we prepared for that program.
We now have the first 4 Distance Learning Lessons available for the Charles Nelson Self-Defense System (CNSDS).
Tier 1- CNSDS Distance Training Classes
Lesson 1 – Basics, Footwork and Strikes
Lesson 2 – Edged Weapons and Knife Defense
Lesson 3 – Pinches and Pain Compliance
Lesson 4 – Mongolian Wrestling Holds
Each Lesson cost $75 , please email us at orders@cnsds.com to purchase the Distance Learn Program or to inquire about seminars.
You and your groups can sponsor a seminar or special program if you are serious about learning this extremely effective system and working towards becoming one of our elite group of certified instructors.
We can come to your location and customize a program that meets you and your groups needs. It is even more important now than ever for the police and other law enforcement to be trained in this easy to learn effective system that has worked for military and law enforcement around the world.  Our new phone number is 844-310-4100 for anyone looking to learn from the only instructor certified and recognized in the Charles Nelson self-defense system.  Thank you for your interest in the Charles Nelson Self-Defense System.
Bob Spiegel
Senior Instructor
Charles Nelson Self Defense System

CNSDS Tier 1 Syllabus