How It Works:

Self-defense training should always adapt and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of students. The Charles Nelson Self-Defense School is now launching newly enhanced Distance Learning training classes with Senior Instructor Robert Spiegel over Zoom and Google Hangouts. These classes will be broadcast online from our studio in New Jersey, where you can train in private or semi-private sessions from the comfort of your own home or gym. Every individual participating in this program will need a training partner to work with them during drills, as well as access to a computer with webcam and microphone features.

There are two tracks for the Distance Learning Program:

General Instruction Track – Learn the foundation of the no-nonsense CNSDS self-defense approach, valuable to anyone ages 8-80, with or without prior self-defense or martial arts training.

Tier One Instructor Certification Track – For especially dedicated students who want to be able to incorporate CNSDS training into their own self-defense schools or in police and military training, the highly selective Tier One Instructor Certification Track teaches advanced street survival techniques. Students must complete an in-person written and practical exam at the end of their training.

All classes are 55 minutes and reserved in blocks of 10.

Applying to CNSDS Distance Learning Program

If you are interested in online classes or have questions, contact Robert Spiegel (CNSDS Senior Instructor) at You will be emailed an application, list of requirements and fees. After completing the questionnaire and submitting it to the Charles Nelson Self-Defense School, you will be contacted regarding your acceptance. Not everyone who applies will be accepted – and only those who can demonstrate commitment, character and proficiency will be considered.

If selected, this is your chance to be one of a limited number of students who will get a chance to study with Robert Spiegel, who was personally chosen by Charles Nelson to carry on teaching the Nelson System as his most advanced senior student.

It is recommended that students purchase and study The Full Nelson manual, available for digital download on our site.