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Notice to Buyers
The original and rediscovered lessons were produced in the 1980's using a home video camera with the camera's built-in microphone. Buyers should be aware that these historical reference videos are homemade and rough in spots.

DVD 3: Lesson 9 through 13

Price: $50

Includes: Fighting Combinations, Mongolian Wrestling Holds, Training Drills, Dirty Fighting, Fighting with a Cane or Bat, Defense against a Knife, Bat Combination, Disarm Bayonet or Umbrella Thrust, Defense against a Rear Strangle from Chair, Self-Defense in the Subway, Knife Defense from Chair, Punch from Chair, Fighting Multiple Opponents, Defense against Hair Pull, Real Life Self-Defense, Two-Man Bat Defense, Two-Man Knife Defense, Right and Wrong Way to Come to the Aid of a Mugging Victim, Proper Way to Clinch for a Boxer, and Proper Way to Clinch for a Street Fighter.