DVD Cover
Notice to Buyers
The original and rediscovered lessons were produced in the 1980's using a home video camera with the camera's built-in microphone. Buyers should be aware that these historical reference videos are homemade and rough in spots.

DVD 1: Lessons 1 through 4

Price: $50

Includes: History of Charles Nelson System, Chinese Mongolian Wrestling, Basic Footwork, Evasion Techniques, Basic Arm Locks, Basic Woman’s Self-Defense, Basic Bat Defense, Basic Knife Defense, Pushes, headlocks, bear hugs, Defense against a Full Nelson, Discussion of Mongolian Wrestling, Use of Head Butt, Survival on the Street, Defense against a Punch, Defense against Single and Double Hand Grab, Knife Defense Continued, Multiple Knife Defense, Defense against Pushes and Shoves, Defense against a Bum’s Rush, Defense and Application of Arm and Wrist Locks, Basic Woman’s Self-Defense, Right and Wrong Way to Apply a Double Arm Lock.