Learn how to defend yourself in any situation, from a drunk at a party to someone targeting you and your family for a home invasion. You can be safe again! Learn the Charles Nelson Self Defense System for a very limited time special price of $499.00

Marine and World War II Hero, Charles Nelson taught self-defense in New York City for 50 years developed this unique self-defense system. During that time Charles Nelson studied every martial arts system as well as the habits of violent criminals. The self-defense system on this DVD program taught by Charles Nelson is a simple to learn and effective self-defense system. The Nelson Self-Defense System will give you the skills to win any violent encounter!

The Nelson Self-Defense System is different from other self-defense systems because there is no wasted movements, you don’t need to waste years practicing uselessand dangerous techniques that don’t work.

When the chips are down and you need easy to learn self-defense you can use in life and death situations! That’s why worldwide people are choosing the Nelson System for their self-defense needs.

The Complete System!
All 27 original lessons produced by the legendary self-defense master Charles Nelson and the 4 Distance Learning Program lessons in one package. A $950 value if purchased separately. **Limited Time ONLY!**
Distance Learning Pgm
4 Lessons from the Master: Basics, Footwork and Strikes; Edged Weapons and Knife Defense; Pinches and Pain Compliance; and Mongolian Wrestling Holds