Seminar – June 14, 2015
Senior Instructor Robert Spiegel training Urban Combatives Lee Morrison in the Nelson System.

Reserve your space now!  This is exclusive opportunity to train in the Charles Nelson Self-Defense System with the only authorized CNSDS Instructor uniquely certified by Charles Nelson.  Space is limited to 8 people and reservations are on a first come first serve basis.

Upcoming Exclusive Workshop:

Sunday June 14, 2015 –  11 am until 2 pm Edison, New Jersey

Exclusive Training opportunity with the only certified combative’s trainer certified by Self-Defense Master Charles Nelson! Seminar will run from 11 am until 2 pm and will cover the following Material:
Charles Nelson School of Self-Defense; Instructor Track Program and Accelerated Self-Defense Program
  • Straight arm bars, Japanese Double Arm bars, Bar hammerlock, one finger hold, Indian Arm Snap,  Mongolian Wrestling basic holds and strikes, come alongs and escorts;
  • Advanced Pain Compliance, nerve attacks, Body Mechanics, Pinches, Swivel Punch, punch and kicking combination, 8 techniques in 2 second combinations;
  • Target of Opportunity Principal and application;
  • Proper breathing and whole body power strikes;
  • Close in fighting techniques;
  • Gun disarm, pistol whip, Knife and Edged Weapons Defense;
  • Devastating dirty fighting techniques;
  • Coming to aid of a mugging victim and mutual aid self-defense
Seminar will be taught by CNSDS Senior Instructor Robert Spiegel, the only person certified by Self-Defense Master Charles Nelson. This 3 hour seminar counts toward the CNSDS Instructor Certification Program.
Cost of seminar will be $100.00. Seminar includes a certificate of attendance.
About Self-Defense Senior Instructor Robert Spiegel, this is a rare opportunity to work with Self-Defense Legend Charles Nelson’s hand picked successor.  Robert Spiegel also holds a 6th degree black belt with Legendary karate instructor Sensei Gary Alexander.  Mr. Spiegel personally trained World Renowned Self Defense Instructor Lee Morrison as well as several other self-defense experts in the Nelson Self-Defense System.  Robert Spiegel wrote, “The Full Nelson” book on the Charles Nelson Self-Defense System and just release the much anticipated Charles Nelson Self-Defense System Distance Learning Program.
Classes will be limited to 8 people. To secure a spot, please pre-pay via PayPal.

Other Seminars:

One Day, 4 Hour Seminar

  1. Introduction and discussion of the system
  2. Footwork
  3. Strikes
  4. Attacks and Defense
  5. Fighting stances
  6. The Swivel Punch
  7. Basic holds, including the straight arm bar, Japanese double arm bar and reverse arm bar.
  8. Defense against unarmed attacks such as a sucker punch, grabs and chokes, bear hugs, the full nelson and a push.
  9. Basic knife defense.
  10. Basic gun defense
  11. Basic bat (club, stick,etc.) defense.
  12. Question and answer period.
Robert Spiegel with a graduate of the Charles Nelson Self-Defense System

         CNSDS Instructor Robert Spiegel and         Lee Morrison, Urban Combatives fame and a graduate of the Nelson System

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The Charles Nelson Self Defense Team can customize a seminar depending on your needs. The customized seminar will be discussed and outlined in writing prior to seminar.