Certified Instructors, CNSDS System

CNSDS is looking for qualified and motivated individuals who want to become certified instructors. Currently only Lee Morrison is certified to teach the Tier 1 level of the Nelson System. If you are interested in teacher certification please review the criteria list. Feel free to call or write with questions or for more information.

Robert Spiegel, Senior CNSDS Instructor Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3
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Lee Morrison, Tier 1 CNSDS Instructor

Richard Yuhas, Tier 1 CNSDS Instructor
Richard Yuhas is a Tier 1 Instructor with the Charles Nelson Self-Defense System who has been training for 5 years with Senior Instructor Robert Spiegel.  As an Auxiliary Police Officer in a fast-growing city, he has studied many self defense techniques.  In his line of work, he has found that the Charles Nelson Self-Defense System works the best in any situation whether one has a weapon or not.

Raymond Pinner, Tier 1 CNSDS Instructor

Raymond Pinner started training in the martial arts at 7 years old when he joined a Tae Kwon Do school.  He earned a black belt by age 10.  By age 11, he realized that particular school was more interested in teaching forms then fighting, and that wasn’t what he was looking for.  Pinner began training with Sensei Gary Alexander in Issin Ryu Karate.  There, after four years of training, he earned my black belt at age 18.  Pinner started training with Senior Instructor Bob Spiegel in the Charles Nelson Self-Defense System where he earned a Level 1 Instructor Certificate.  He also cross trained in Sambo and Ju-Jitsu on a semi-regular basis.
Pinner has found that the Charles Nelson Self-Defense System has expertly enhanced and complemented what he previously trained in.  Through his years with CNSDS, he has noticed that his fighting and self-defense skills have improved dramatically.  No other system works nearly as well.