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CNSDS Next Seminar, May 23, 2015

Reserve your space now!  This is an exclusive opportunity to train in the Charles Nelson Self-Defense System with the only authorized CNSDS Instructor uniquely certified by Charles Nelson.  Space is limited to 8 people and reservations are on a first come first serve basis.

Upcoming Exclusive Workshop:

Sunday June 14, 2015 –  11 am until 2 pm Edison, New Jersey

Exclusive Training opportunity with the only combative’s trainer certified by Self-Defense Master Charles Nelson! Seminar will run from 11 am until 2 pm and will cover the following Material:
Charles Nelson School of Self-Defense; Instructor Track Program and Accelerated Self-Defense Program:
  • System basics, footwork, evasion techniques
  • Straight arm bars, Japanese Double Arm bars, Bar hammerlock, one finger hold, Indian Arm Snap,  Mongolian Wrestling basic holds and strikes, come alongs and escorts;
  • Advanced Pain Compliance, nerve attacks, Body Mechanics, Pinches, Swivel Punch, punch and kicking combination, 8 techniques in 2 second combinations;
  • Target of Opportunity Principal and application;
  • Proper breathing and whole body power strikes;
  • Close in fighting techniques;
  • Gun disarm, pistol whip, Knife and Edged Weapons Defense;
  • Devastating dirty fighting techniques;
  • Coming to aid of a mugging victim and mutual aid self-defense
Seminar will be taught by CNSDS Senior Instructor Robert Spiegel, the only person certified by Self-Defense Master Charles Nelson. This 3 hour seminar counts toward the CNSDS Instructor Certification Program.
Cost of seminar will be $100.00. Seminar includes a certificate of attendance.
About Self-Defense Senior Instructor Robert Spiegel, this is a rare opportunity to work with Self-Defense Legend Charles Nelson’s hand picked successor.  Robert Spiegel also holds a 6th degree black belt with Legendary karate instructor Sensei Gary Alexander.  Mr. Spiegel personally trained World Renowned Self Defense Instructor Lee Morrison as well as several other self-defense experts in the Nelson Self-Defense System.  Robert Spiegel wrote, “The Full Nelson” book on the Charles Nelson Self-Defense System and just release the much anticipated Charles Nelson Self-Defense System Distance Learning Program.
Classes will be limited to 10 people. To secure a spot, please pre-pay via PayPal.
Click here to RSVP and stay updated via Facebook. 
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